November 2017 Construction Update

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Construction Progress

Site Work

Installation of the sanitary, storm and water main work within the street will continue, and is targeted for completion in mid-November. Commence relocation of traffic signal at the Burlington/Main Street corner.

West Building   

Completion of the last bay of precast structure on the south side of the building. Installation of structural steel beams in the garage areas. Installation of the concrete toppings in the garage and on top of the precast podium, as well as slab on grade of the lower level. Plumbing and electrical rough in to continue on lower level and level 1.

East Building     

Installation of the slab on grade of the lower level. Continued progress of wall panel and floor truss installation. Continued progress on masonry enclosure of stair towers and elevator shafts. Plumbing and electrical rough to continue on lower level and level 1. Commence installation of exterior windows on residential levels.

More Information

We look forward to working with the community to bring this new development to completion! For general questions or comments, please contact us at         

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